• World Ayurveda Congress, India:

    Ram Subedi, CEO, Nepal Shilajit

  • Quality Mgmt. Training, Japan 2010:

    Ram Subedi, CEO

  • Shilajit Paste Premium:

    Authentic & Original Shilajit

  • Shilajit Capsules:

    -Premium 60 Caps in Bottle

  • Nepal Himalayas:

    Sources of Highest Grade Shilajit

  • Collection Site:

    -Dolpa, Mid-West,Nepal

  • Search Mission:

    - Dolpa, Mid-West, Nepal

  • Search Mission:

    -Dolpa, Mid-West, Nepal

  • World Ayurveda Congress, India

  • Quality Mgmt. Training, Japan 2010

  • Shilajit Paste Premium

  • Shilajit Capsules

  • Nepal Himalayas

  • Collection Site

  • Search Mission

  • Search Mission

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Nepal Shilajit is one of the leading suppliers of Shialjit from Nepal. We are dedicated to promote SHILAJIT; an age old anti aging, immuno- modulator that is found in Nepal and also in few other countries but the source of the highest quality Shilajit is considered to be of Nepal Himalayas where the people are involved in collection, purification and use of Shilajit from time immemorial. Shilajit found in Nepal matches the description of ancient Ayurvedic text "Charaka".

Shilajit literally means “Winner of Rocks”. or “Destroyer of Weakness and the Builder of Strength” . Shilajit, the miracle of Himalayas, is found in the pristine mountains of Nepal. In the summer months baking under the hot sun, the mineral pitch oozes from cracks and fissures of the rocky landscape as Shilajit. Shilajit has been used to treat a variety of diseases in Ayurveda. In Charaka(200 BC) and Susruta Samhita (200 AD). It has been described as a panacea as well as RASAYANA (rejuvenative) which can cure all ailments and prolongs the life.

Nepal Shilajit brings ageold Ayurveda wisdom for health and logevity by offering high quality Shilajit to every one at affordable price.

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